Instruction Set Design

Instruction Set Design

A recipe designed to teach the reader how to cook a dish of Yakisoba step-by-step.


  • Team size: Individual
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Project role: Writer, Illustrator
  • Software: Word, Photoshop, Adobe Kuler: color schemes
  • Other tools: Nikon P90 Camera, various cooking utensils

Design Process.

  • Demonstrate ability to create a universal instruction set that can be handed to any reader and allow them to carryout its proposed task.
  • Gauged an average reader cooking ability and provide writers assumptions for the reader.
  • Broken down the whole cooking process to simpler/ easier steps for readers to follow.
  • Included suggestions and photo feedback to guide readers between instructions 

Hurdles & Solution.

1. Potential readers might feel challenge by the nature of cooking and the task preformed in general.

Solution: Created attractive title and quick reference table of necessary investment needed from the reader.

2. Document lacked feedback at critical steps of the instructions

Solution: Design was fitted with more picture illustration and "suggestions section" with different colors to attract readers attention.

3. Document had problems with consistency in highlighted instruction

Solution: Word highlights was changed to an overall word color change. Suggestions and Note section was given different colors for quick distinction.

4. Suggestion was made that a variation section should be added to increase document value.

Solution: One page of how to customize or create different variation of the same dish was added for the reader.

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